Photoshop Disappreciation Post. 

It’s one thing to call models too thin, or talk about the hypersexualization of women in media, but we so often forget that the images we see daily often don’t even exist in real life.  
The video above, another from the Dove campaign demonstrates the drastic changes photoshop can have on an image with a time elapse, which does diminish just a little how extensive the photo editing process is — some photos can take up to six hours to get looking “perfect.”

Below is another astounding example.

Before you even think it, one of these photos is not better/prettier than the other —- one of them is not real, does not exist in real life, and we all know the real Jennifer Lawrence is intelligent, humorous, thoughtful AND gorgeous.  Being presented with anything less than the real Jennifer is a shame and disrespectful to her, and obviously not how she would like to be depicted (see GIF set below).

Basically, just remember that these images are just another illusion within the entertainment industry that is common, and while not necessary always this extensive, is altering the original image.  When we see pictures like this: we know it’s fake, so let’s try to keep that in mind the next time we flip through a magazine.